Incentivize Traffic
Reward customers just for walking through the door.
Employee Recognition
Motivate sales by rewarding employees who generate the most loyal clients.
Data That Delivers
Dashboards with segmented tracking to monitor and maximize effectiveness.
Offline Loyalty Programs That Set Your Store Apart

In this over crowded marketplace, where even the corner lemonade stand offers a rewards programs, you need the latest features and most experienced team to build a program that stands out and incentivizes customers for purchases as well as visits.

NextBee's industry leading platform gives you the ability to harness the power of mobile check-ins, social media simulcasting and flexible rewards solutions to design and implement a program that gives customers a reason to walk through the door. Additionally, our technology can be used to reward employees who foster loyal relationships with customers, and motivate them to get the most out of every client.

From the start, our knowledgable and dedicated staff will work with you to devise a program tailored to your store and marketing objectives. Then, based on your input and preferences, our design team will build everything needed within a matter of weeks. With the legwork done, we'll send your team customized setup instructions that will only take them a couple of hours to integrate into your site and POS outlets.

In addition to all the features - flexible point structure, tiered rewards, POS integration, automated notifications - you'd expect from a leading store loyalty program, NextBee gives you the ability to recognize and influence actions beyond just spending.

Once a customer signs up, either online or in house, you can start interacting with them through their mobile device. Offer rewards or loyalty points for check-ins - when a member walks into your store they simply need to open the Facebook or Foursquare app on their smartphone and our API's allocates points to their loyalty account.

Combined with location based sharing, check-ins lead to increased social buzz and word-of-mouth store traffic: maybe a customer forgot about the postcard they got two weeks ago about your big semi-annual sale, but an update in their Facebook newsfeed saying their friend just checked in - and got 250 loyalty points for doing so - will remind them of the sale and give them all the more reason to check it out.

Do you ever wish there was a way to pin-point which of your employees generates the most loyal customers, to recognize the value they bring and reward them for it? NextBee’s software doesn’t stop with customer actions, it also tracks employee performance to foster loyalty across the board.

Assign a unique identifier to each employee, when they sign a customer up for the program, their ID is forever correlated with that customer’s actions. Every time the customer returns to that employee’s store, makes a purchase or shares online, the employee is given points they can redeem for rewards.

Turn the employee recognition component of your loyalty program into a full fledged sales competition platform with our gamification modules. Leaderboards track which employees garner the most loyalty and tiered rewards give them that extra motivation to be the best.

Best In Class Tracking

Loyalty is an elusive quality, but with NextBee's powerful analytics software you can track every granular detail, keeping you on top of what's working and what areas need more attention to refine and maximize performance. Our dashboards let you segment data and view reports by:

  • Response Rates
  • Check-ins and Sharing
  • Referral Channel
  • Points and Award Redemption
  • The list goes on...

You own all of your data - NextBee will never share your information, and since it's stored on our multi-tenant system on it's own silo, if there's is ever a report you want to see that's not in our standard list, simply send your account manager a quick message and they'll get that report out to you straightaway.

Our team genuinely enjoys working with clients to figure out new and innovative ways to maximize their marketing efforts. We're dedicated to finding solutions unique to your brand that infuse all aspects of your business with positive feelings of loyalty and commitment from customers and employees.

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